VoteXX is a joint effort by xx network and an international team of academics to create a massively scalable, end-to-end voter verifiable, coercion-resistant and remote election system.

Designing voting systems is notoriously difficult because both outcome integrity and ballot privacy are essential. Remote voting, including by mail or Internet, adds major additional challenges. While internet voting can offer numerous advantages, including improved usability and accessibility, the current systems don’t solve these challenges. In short, there currently is no such thing as a "secure" Internet voting system, despite the claims made by vendors.

Remote voting by mail is already here, and we are concerned with some of it's inherent weaknesses. Notably, people selling votes online by videoing the marking and mailing of their ballots is extremely concerning, as is the lack of a concrete way to be sure your ballot is included in the tally.

VoteXX team has developed several promising new strategies that we believe, with sufficient research and development, can be used to make viable internet voting systems:

Our Past Research